Saving Souls by the Holy Spirit


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If you want to know the love and mercy that God has for you, then this book is for you! And don’t keep it to yourself! Share it with others – it’s a great way to give your loved ones a powerful sampling of the messages our Lord gave to St. Faustina and Sister Josefa. I hope that many will find peace, consolation, and a deep desire to share this message with others – because our world is more in need of God’s love and mercy than ever.

-Peggy (Blaha) Wolock, Catholic, St. Timothy Church – Columbus, Ohio


A man who loves the Lord is obeying his call to renew two books written in the 20th century by faithful daughters of God. God’s words and deeds of yesterday remain true today. They are God’s truths. Mark is a simple man with great faith and love for God. I know because I am his friend in Christ.

-Judith A. Anderson, Ecumenical, The Vineyard Church – Galena, Ohio


I have finished working through the book and enjoyed it. I used it for personal prayer. Overall, I think this is a good “taste” of the writings of these mystics and it leaves a desire for more.

-In Christ, Fr. Time Hayes, St. Timothy Catholic Church – Columbus, Ohio

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