The Rosary the Bible on a String – Large Edition



The Rosary the Bible on a String, is a modern publication for children and adults. The illustrations are bold and colorful to draw the reader in; they depict images during the time of Jesus and of people living in the world today.

The World Mission Rosary beads unfold as the mysteries are recited. Each page contains an interesting Rosary fact, a Gospel verse, and a definition of the virtue given to each decade. Included is an instruction as to which days of the week each mystery is customarily prayed.

The Blessed Virgin Mary has asked us to pray the Rosary daily and to have the Catholic fervor of past ages. My hope in writing this book is to spark an interest in saying the Rosary where there has been no interest or to re-energize a commitment for the Rosary that might have been lost over time. I want people to see the love story that the Rosary really is.

“This is fabulous for children and adults, with your artistic touch and scripture quotes for each Hail Mary. ‘Ignorance of Scripture is Ignorance of Christ’ May your book spread far and wide, alleviating any ignorance, that all may know Christ through Mary.” – Fr. Ronan Murphy

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