CD Refuge – Annie Karto, Catholic Singer & Composer


The songs on Refuge were recorded with 35 instruments and the words and music flow gently like a river through the heart.

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Format: CD

Size: 5.5 x 5 inches

Artist & Songwriter: Annie Karto

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Refuge CD contains Annie’s beautiful tribute, “Song for Immaculee”, which was inspired by the life of Rwandan genocide survivor, Immaculate Ilibagiza. As a result is dedicated to all the victims of the 1994 Rwanda genocide.


  1. Give Thanks to the Lord 5:33
  2. Christ is Passing By 4:38
  3. Refuge for You 3:58
  4. Song of Immaculee 5:28
  5. Songbird 3:46
  6. Prayer of St. Augustine 4:16
  7. Hail Mary Gentle Woman 3:56
  8. Pilgrimage of Love 3:55
  9. Let it Be 4:15
  10. Eyes of Mercy 4:31
  11. Into the Air 3:33

About Annie Karto:

As a Catholic singer-songwriter and inspirational speaker, Annie Karto hopes to stir the flame in the Catholic Church through the power of God’s great gift of music. So, the healing mercy of God is the heart of her music ministry, along with the singing of the beautiful sacraments of the Church, and honoring the Blessed Mother Mary.

In addition, over 20 years ago, after a deep conversion experience before the Blessed Eucharist. Annie was given the penance to spread the Lord’s Divine Mercy for the rest of her life. This “penance” has become a great joy!

Also,  she has strived to use her gift of voice, and speaking skills to evangelize wherever the Lord calls her. A highlight in her ministry was writing and singing a song for Rwandan genocide survivor, Immaculee Ilibagiza, titled, “Song for Immaculee” leading to a trip to Immaculee’s village in Rwanda, Africa, in August of 2011.

As a result, Annie has been invited to major conferences, and also shared at Magnificat Breakfasts, Divine Mercy retreats and Days of Reflection. Some of Annie’s talks include Divine Mercy Flood My Soul” which is her focus, “Mary, Masterpiece of Mercy,” “Rise up and Shape the Culture,” and “The Beauty of being a Catholic Woman.”

Most noteworthy, Annie wrote a song for priests, “You are a Priest Forever.” This song has been featured on EWTN for many years. And has received two apostolic blessings, one from Pope John Paul II, and Pope Benedict XVI. Also Fr. Bill Casey, Fathers of Mercy, recently called the song, “a classic.”

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