1. A Pledge to Pray for America

If you are already a prayer warrior for the U.S. then you’re already a member in spirit!  But please sign up to be counted.  We are seeking members in every Catholic Diocese throughout our country to ensure every square mile is covered in prayer.  Your membership is very important to us so we can add you to our One in a Million list of faithful and faith-filled Americans turning to God for mercy.

2. A Plan to Pray for America

We recommend the prayers, novenas and devotions that Jesus and the Blessed Mother gave to St. Faustina for her native land.  These are outlined in the Action Plan.  Downloads are available on the Resource page and prayer cards in the Store.

3. A Valuable Connection

Our mission is to help keep people like you motivated, inspired and focused on increasing devotion to The Divine Mercy.  We strive to place the ways and means of spreading the message at your fingertips through occasional emails and our informative once a month eNewsletter.  By forwarding the information along to others you will be playing an important role in the new evangelization.

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