Nine Days of Prayer for the USA

Litany of the Saints

1933. On one occasion I heard these words in my soul, Make a novena for your country. This novena will consist of the recitation of the Litany of the Saints. (Diary of St. Faustina, 59)

Chaplet of Mercy

The Lord Jesus told St. Faustina,

I want all the sisters and world to say the chaplet which I have taught you. They are to say it for nine days in the chapel in order to appease My Father and to entreat God’s mercy for Poland. (Diary, 174)

Divine Mercy Holy Hour / Way of the Cross

Saint Faustina recorded:

Another time I heard these words: Make a daily hour of adoration for nine days. During this adoration try to unite yourself in Prayer with My Mother. Pray with all your heart in union with Mary, and try also during this time to make the Way of the Cross. I was to make this novena for the intention of my Motherland. (Diary, 32, 33)

Holy Communions

On the feast of the Assumption in 1934, the Blessed Virgin Mary told St. Faustina,

My daughter, what I demand from you is prayer, prayer, and once again prayer, for the world and especially for your country. For nine days receive Holy Communion in atonement and unit yourself closely to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. During these nine days you will stand before God as an offering: always and everywhere, at all times and places, day and night, whenever you wake up, pray in the spirit. In spirit, one can always remain in prayer. (Diary, 325)


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