The re-Christianization of the Nation

The mission of Divine Mercy for America is to radically increase awareness of and devotion to Jesus, The Divine Mercy is a sure means of providing great benefit to souls in our country and those throughout “the whole world.”

A Response to the “Signs of the Times”

Divine Mercy for America prayer campaigns, presentations, and resources trace out a path for people of faith, particularly Catholic Christians, to follow in the footsteps of Saint Faustina by employing the same prayers, promises, and sacrifices for America that she offered the Lord for Poland.   As we strive to make our relationship with Jesus increasingly firm we become ever better living vessels of Christ, truly pleasing to God indeed, word, and prayer.  In this way, our prayers, fortified by righteousness and united in spirit combine together imploring mercy upon our land in a powerful way.

St. Faustina’s Battle Cry

O my God, I am conscious of my mission in the Holy Church.  It is my constant endeavor to plead for mercy for the world.  I unite myself closely with Jesus and stand before Him as an atoning sacrifice on behalf of the world.  God will refuse me nothing when I entreat Him with the voice of His Son.  My sacrifice is nothing in itself, but when I join it to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, it becomes all-powerful and has the power to appease divine wrath.  God loves us in His Son; the painful Passion of the Son of God constantly turns aside the wrath of God.  (Diary, 482)

Won’t You Join Us?

Register now to pledge to pray for America.  Our goal is to inspire one million Americans to commit to nurturing their personal holiness and doing whatever is within their power to better utilize the promises of The Divine Mercy for families, our nation, and the world as the Lord ardently desires.

Take the Ball and Run

A big part of our mission is to help people like you take this message to your loved ones and community.  This website is designed to make it easy for you to learn and then share the information presented.  All of the content pages such as the Origins of the Chaplet can be downloaded and then emailed to your contacts or printed in an attractive format to be distributed.  Visit the Resource area to access the free downloads.


A Three-Pronged Attack



Who can say it better than our Blessed Mother as she repeatedly calls us all to prayer, prayer, and more prayer.  DMFA encourages all to continually strive to increase and deepen our prayer life by employing the same prayerful practices as the Secretary of Mercy St. Faustina.

Education/Spread the Message

Many in the world do not know The Divine Mercy.  Many know and pray the Chaplet but are unaware of its origin and/or the larger message of The Divine Mercy.  DMFA strives to provide the information and tools to equip souls to learn about, life and spread the good news.


DMFA seeks to draw like-minded people together in community so that we may help and support each other, share our experiences and draw hope and strength by taking our place in the global army of prayer warriors entreating the Mercy of God on our world.

Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul © 1987 Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the B.V.M, Stockbridge, MA 01263. All rights reserved.

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