Prayer Card- Act of Consecration of the Family ~ 2.5 x 3.75 25 pack


  • Product Code: ACFDM
  • 25 cards per pack
  • Size: 2.5 x 3.75 inches


Divine Mercy for America is very excited to be working with Family Divine Mercy to bring you Enthroning The Divine Mercy as King of Home and Family and the Act of Consecration of the Family to The Divine Mercy.

Fr Roache Biography

Reprinted from Family Divine Mercy

Fr. Dermot Roache SMA

Fr. Dermot Roache SMA

Father Dermot S. Roache is a member of the Society of African Missions (SMA Fathers). He is a native of Brooklyn, New York, and a former middle school teacher. After joining the Society, Fr. Roache completed his formation and his theological studies obtaining his STB, from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (Nairobi Kenya). He spent several more years serving as a missionary priest in Kenya as well as in the northern region of South Africa following the charism of Bishop Marion de Brésillac his founder, which is to serve “the poorest of the poor.”  It is there on a mission in South Africa where the prayer “Act of Consecration of the Family to the Divine Mercy” was given to him by Our Lord. The prayer itself has become a universal mission.

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Christine from Fishersville, Virginia writes:
” I met Fr. Dermot Roache at Malvern Retreat House in Pennsylvania. I attended the first retreat that he and Kathleen McCarthy co-hosted there. I hand out this particular prayer card still. I use this image to “Seal the Doorpost,” a recent COVID-19 implementation. Today, a young man, on a run, stopped to tell me how much he appreciated seeing that image. He left with 4 prayer cards! Praise God!” August 1, 2020

Consecration Prayer of the back of card:

O Jesus, you showed us your infinite compassionate love by exhausting the very last drop of blood and water from your body.  From this day forward, with full confidence, we entrust our families to your Divine Mercy.  We abandon our past, our present and our future.  We place into your wounds all of our wounds which are caused by lack of love, understanding and trust.  Jesus, expel Satan and all evil from our families, free us from the consequence of sin and protect us from further harm.  Heal our wounds.  May our families learn to venerate your Divine Image that they will never perish but experience your loving mercy.  Amen.

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