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“The program on Divine Mercy and Sister Faustina was excellent.”

“The students were fascinated . . . was riveting for them.”

The weekend after Mercy Sunday 2016 we continued on our mission of taking the message of Jesus, The Divine Mercy to Catholic parishes and schools across the country.  For the first time in 17 years we were headed to a parish in the state of Wyoming.  We had a full weekend planned, with a variety of presentations and times so that most everyone would have a chance to attend at some point.

As is usual, we offered to make a presentation for the Catholic school students. This was arranged for the first thing Monday morning before we would head on down the road to work in another state nearby. The school was relatively small in numbers, but the students were big on learning all they could during our one hour together. At the end, each prayed the Chaplet of Mercy so beautifully and all were eager to receive their very own blessed Image of Jesus, The Divine Mercy to take home with them.

20160411_081859-2Often times teachers and/or principals are concerned about how the students will respond or how much they will learn and be able to retain.  We have often said that the students’ attentiveness, no matter the age, is quite miraculous. Mrs. Mary Jo Chouinard, the principal of St. Margaret Catholic School in Riverton was kind enough to share the results of the “quiz” she gave students the day after our program with Julie, the woman who had help plan our visit. She wrote:

Dear Julie:

I wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful opportunity you provided for our students.  The program on Divine Mercy and Sister Faustina was excellent. I took the opportunity to quiz the students the next day as to how much they understood and remembered from the presentation.  It was obvious that they paid close attention.  They could relate the stories about Sister Faustina’s vision of Jesus and her experience with the dying man.  They could identify her place of birth and facts about her life.  They could relate how the picture came into existence.  The students were fascinated with all the information about the Shroud of Turin. Having the life-size image was riveting for them. Then having the picture from the shroud transform into the picture of Divine Mercy was so moving.

This program would not have been possible without all your hard work, persistence and great organizational skill. You provided a great blessing for our students! We have distributed the pictures to all our classrooms as well as Pate Hall. We hope that they will be a constant reminder to our students of the love and mercy Jesus has for each of them. Thank you again for your great gift to our students and staff.


Jesus, Julie and Joan

Mary Jo Chouinard

We often recall how Jesus spoke of children to St. Faustina.  He told her,”Know it is they who uphold the world.”  We are deeply grateful for the privilege of sharing The Divine Mercy message and devotion with the youth and especially praying with them.  If you don’t get chills when you hear a couple hundred youngsters or teenagers say, “Have mercy on us and on the whole world,” you must be totally numb.  Thanks to all who have helped us reach out to the youth, and to all who do as well.  God bless each child through the images and information they have received so that they may be at work as great saints, leading many souls to Christ through their deeds, words, and prayers.

God bless America!

Joan Maroney
Director & Presenter
Mother of Mercy Messengers

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