On The Eucharist: A Divine Appeal


An Urgent Call for Our Times! The messages conveyed by Our Lord to Sr. Anna Ali of the Most Holy Eucharist are fairly unknown in the USA, but are widely known in Kenya. A committee has recently been formed collecting information for consideration of opening up her canonization process. These Divine Appeals by Jesus are an incessant call to repentance, reparation and atonement for sins.  Volumes 1 and 2 now available. Over 500 pages. Imprimatur.

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Revelations dictated by Our Lord to Sr. Anna Ali of the Most Holy Eucharist. The messages of the Divine Appeal are messages of mercy that call us to repentance, reparation, and atonement for our sins. Jesus asks for sincere prayer for the conversion of humanity. He also requests consolation and adoration in the Most Holy Eucharist. The messages also contain urgent warnings of mercy to mankind. Jesus said, “My desire is that mankind be converted through prayers, sacraments, confessions, Holy sacrifice of the Mass and rosaries.” 

This book has been published in an expanded two-volume edition, now available for the first time anywhere. Imprimatur by Bishop Cornelius K. arap Korir of the Catholic Diocese of Eldoret, Kenya.

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