Our Lady of America is Speaking

Published June 9, 2020 – Five Messages

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The Virgin Mother, Mary Immaculate, has expressed through private revelation an urgent desire to speak to the people as “Our Lady of America.”

Some months ago, a stable Catholic laywoman who is a Third Order Franciscan and a known locutionist for more than 20 years, was instructed by the Lord Jesus to pray before a statue of Our Lady of America where His Mother would speak to her under that title. Always subject to a Catholic priest of magisterial orthodoxy, Victoria Spalding was granted permission by her spiritual director to seek out a statue and to do as the Lord requested.

Over the past three months, Victoria has traveled some hours four times to pray before the statue pictured here. Very recently the Blessed Mother requested that the following messages dictated to Victoria in April be made public.

These messages have been reviewed by Victoria’s spiritual director and approved for publication. We are happy to present them here.

Our Lady of America

Messages to Her Children

1. Turning Back to God

April 18, 2020

My children, God is now calling you to a higher degree of glory with Him. He wants you to know that the way is not too long or wearisome to travel, if you truly trust in His love. Give your all to God, my dear children, and He will give his all to you in return.

My children, the time is now at hand to put aside your misdeeds and focus on God alone. Too many of you are wandering lost, like a sheep without a shepherd. God no longer wants this for you. He wants you to remember how great His mercy is for you.

In the past, my dear children, God gave you many prophets and teachers to lead you back home. Now he is doing the same thing again. But too many of you are not listening to the word of God in your hearts and cherishing it as you should.

My dear children, you should always cherish God’s words and His love for you. His love is found often in the sacraments of His mercy, but too many of you are forlorn or sad and do not approach His throne of grace from the Father with joy in your hearts.

When you come to the sacraments, my dear children, you should approach God with a longing to receive His mercy and His graces. The ability to perceive God’s goodness becomes clearer each time you receive His graces and pray for the mercy of the Father to descend upon God’s people.

My sweet children, I know the struggles you are facing with each other and your God. You think that God wants to hinder your freedom from doing the things you want. But this is not God’s desire to hinder your freedom from enjoying life to the fullest. On the contrary, God wants to remove those things in your life, which keep you from believing in His mercy and living life to the fullest degree possible.

I am with you, my dear children, giving you the Father’s glory when you listen to His words through Me and believe in them. You ask what this glory consists of my dear children?

My children, this glory consists in your God’s love for mankind. Even if you do not understand fully what God is asking of you, if you pray, then you will know for certain that God sends legions of angels to help you follow Him home, when you truly turn to Him and seek His will. It is not for you to know the full extent by which God does this, but truly know that God provides for all His children and their needs, when they truly turn and believe in Him.

I love you, my sweet children. Only God knows the full depths of your heart and how much love you hold for one another. So do not judge by what others say or do to you, but know that God, who can see all, will render His judgment and mercy at the proper time, and will repay each man according to His deeds.

I love you, my dear children. I, your Mother, am here to comfort and protect you from all that the enemy desires for you in order to do you harm. You have nothing to fear from him ever. As long as you are walking alongside of my Son, the devil cannot do harm to you or any of your loved ones.

My children, cherish this time now with Me and the words that God has given to you through Me. Take them to heart and teach them to all of your children and family. And know, my dear children, when the time comes to call you home, you will be welcomed into God’s kingdom of eternal and lasting joy.

I am with you, my dear children.
Go in the peace of Christ’s love.

2. Mercy for Each Other

April 19, 2020 – Divine Mercy Sunday
3:50 pm

My dear children, God is now asking me to speak with you. He loves you beyond measure, and that is why He is sending me to you. I want you to know, my dear children, that although the way has been long for you in the past, the future sheds much hope and light for those who truly believe in God.

My children, speak to one another of God’s mercy. It abounds mercifully each and every time you call upon the Holy Name of Jesus. Although some do not believe in my Son or give reverence to His Name, as you do, they can still benefit from hearing His Name spoken among you.

So do not hesitate, my children, to call out the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary often. Ask me to render these things as being fitting of your Lord and Master, by showering down graces upon you and the whole world. My Son sees fit to do these things for those who truly believe in Him.

I am with you, my dear children. God gives each of His people different talents and gifts. In what ways are you using your talents to glorify God? Do you think that because you pray, that this is enough?

No, my dear children, God wants more from you in the way of freedom of love for your neighbor. He wants you to cherish one another and believe in one another’s mercy and love for you and your Savior.

My dear children, this is what God is asking of you; believe in His mercy and live it according to His love for you and one another. Although you do not always see God’s mercy as being something that you can do, by imitating God’s forgiveness for you and one another, you can give this mercy to everyone you meet.

I love you, my dear children. You want to know more of what your lives will be like in the future. What will you do now that you cannot attend Mass the way you like or visit the sacraments of mercy that way that you desire to.

My dear children, ask God to restore you to the fullness of His love and mercy. His mercy is so great that it far exceeds any misdemeanor that you could commit when you turn and come home to Him.
So, my children, this message is to encourage you to give your all to God, and in doing so, God will give you not only His all in return, but He will procure for you a special place in heaven where the angels and saints dwell secure.

I am with you, my dear children, giving you my Motherly blessing for all eternity.

I love you, my dear children.
Go in the peace of Christ’s love.

3. The Crime of Abortion

April 19, 2020

My dear children, I have come now to help remove sin among you so that you may return to your God in fullness and joy of His promises of salvation. Do not destroy what God has given you, life itself. Life is precious, my dear children, and life must never be destroyed. It must be cherished and protected always.

My dear children, life is being destroyed more and more in the womb every day. The mothers of small innocent babies are not protecting them nor cherishing their growth inside of them. This must not be, my dear children. You must pray harder for the mercy of the Father to be brought home to God’s people. My Son suffered and died for you, so that you may have life, but many of you do not respect life and so you throw it away and discard it from your midst.

My dear children, life must never be destroyed through abortion or sin of any kind. It must be cherished and brought home to the Father’s mercy and love. My Son wants you to know that although you are pleasing to Him when you turn and listen to His voice, that you must also pray harder for abortion and infanticide to stop.

Abortion is wrong, my dear children. Under no circumstance, can someone justify sinning this way. It is not only a crime against the Father’s love for mankind, but it teaches others to discard life as though it were a commodity that could be easily thrown away.

My dear children, abortion is rampant among you. You do not see it, because you have turned a blind eye to the truth of God’s love and mercy. You think that if abortion is done for another reason, such as saving a mother’s life, or giving way to freedom for you to not have to worry about what others will think of you, that your sin is justified.

No, my dear children. Sin is never justifiable in the eyes of God for any reason, especially selfish ones. Mercy, my children, means to show mercy to everyone, even the smallest in the womb of its mother.

I am with you, my dear children. You know what you have done in the past, and if you have not repented of your sins, then you must turn now and ask for God’s pardon and mercy to descend upon you. If you do not, then worse calamities will befall you and God’s people, and there will be no time for repentance in the future.

So all those who believe must come home to the Father’s mercy and grace before it is too late. Mankind has never been so sinful as it has been seen recently through the eyes of my Son and His Father. His Father is angry and rightfully so, and has been willing to call down judgment upon you. But through your prayers and your mitigation for others, God has relented of His punishment for now. But in the future, unless God’s people turn back to Him, worse calamities shall befall God’s people and many souls will perish and be lost.

Pray, my dear children, that all those who receive these words, will bind them to their heart and render their hearts to God, who is all-merciful, just, and kind to those who truly keep His commands and obey them with all their bodies, minds and souls.

I am with you, my dear children. Let me now give you my Motherly blessing, so that you may know that God truly cherishes all His people who trust in His words through Me.

I am with you, my dear children.
Go in the peace of Christ’s love.

4. The Power of Prayer and the Rosary

April 20, 2020
7:10 am

My dear children, I, your loving Mother, wish for you to listen to Me. The way has become long for you, but it is necessary, in order for you to return home to your God. Too many people have strayed from their Creator.

So, my children, I am asking for you to be the light and example that God wants to use to help bring His children safely home. Each time you pray to Me and my Son, we grant you many special graces to be a guiding light to others. No one should have to walk this valley of tears alone.

My children, I am asking very special favors from you. Will you not listen to Me, your Mother?

My children, I am asking for you to pray every day. What prayers you ask? My children, I am asking for you to pray the rosary every day and to instill in my people and your family how to do this monumental prayer. I am asking of you to instill within your families hope and mercy from above.

My children, God’s hope and mercy comes through prayer and fasting. Believing in your God is not enough if you do not answer His call to holiness within you and others. This becomes necessary in all walks of your life, if you truly wish to be called people of your God and Savior.

I am with you, my dear children. You want to hear God’s words through Me, but are you truly taking them to heart? Prayer is meant to be an avenue of healing within you and others, when you truly turn and listen to your God. Prayer is meant to give life and meaning to your souls. For when you turn to God, you are asking Him to forgive your sins and bring you safely home.

I love you, my dear children. You want to know how all this is possible when God, your Savior, asks these things of you, but the world is in such state of turmoil, that at times it seems impossible even for you to pray. The churches are closed now, but they will soon reopen, and if you truly want to be disciples of your God, then you must visit Him more often. My Son’s Eucharistic heart awaits you on each altar in the tabernacle of His love. But you are too weary at times to pay Him a visit there.

My dear children, God can refresh your souls and give you light and love if you truly spend time with Him in His churches. There, He awaits to grant you forgiveness in the sacrament of His love and healing. He feeds you on His precious Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, each time you approach Him, sorrowful for your sins and worthy of His Holy Communion for you.

What, my children, does it take to make you worthy to receive my Son? My children, it takes love and affection for your God. For when you approach His altars with love in your heart for your neighbor and your God,  you truly give Him the adoration and love that He seeks. But first, my children, your souls must be pleasing to your God.

Visit God’s sacraments of healing and grace, my children. Show Him that you love Him and want to be brought home to the Father’s love and joy for you. Each time, you make an act of reparation, by visiting God on His altars or by frequenting the sacraments of healing and grace in the Confessional and Eucharist of His love,  you give your Savior unending joy, for your renewal and commitment to serve Him and His Father.

I love you, my sweet children. You ask how you can be a channel of grace to others? My dear children, you are a channel of grace when you receive grace inside your souls and then share this Eucharistic love of your Lord and Savior with others.

My children, God’s love consists in His constant ability to pardon your sins and bring you closer to the Father’s love and mercy for you. I, your loving Mother, will always be beside you to answer any questions or concerns that you have. Pray to Me, your loving Mother, and I will grace you with the truth and mercy of God’s forgiveness and love for you.

Each time you repent and come home to your God, my children, you give Him the glory and prerequisite of His mercy for you. For by your repentant hearts, you show Him that you truly care for Him and love Him with your whole bodies, minds, and souls.

Come to Me now, my children, and know that the meaning of the words I give you will never fade from your lives, as long as you trust in your God and believe in the words that He now offers you through Me. For by believing in His words, God the Father, showers His graces down upon you through Me, and once again, I bring you my Son’s heart, full of gladness and joy for you.

So go forth now, my children, and believe in God’s mercy and ask Him to forgive your sins. I shall be beside you when the time comes to lead you safely home and to give you my Motherly love and blessing for all eternity.

I love you, my children, asking you to do this, not only for yourselves, but for those who are closest to you. They, too, will benefit from the graces you receive from Me.

I love you, my children.
Go in the peace of Christ’s love.

5. The Healing Grace of Forgiveness

April 20, 2020
7:30 am

My sweet children, God loves you without measure and wants me to now bring you His words of healing and grace from Him. He is a loving and merciful God, and He wants you to know that you have nothing to fear of the future if you truly repent and come home to your God and Savior, Master and Lord. If you do this for Him, my children, for yourself and others, then God will be pleased to make His dwelling place in your souls; thereby, giving you the opportunity to lead others back home to Him.

This is what God wants and expects from you, my children. He wants His grace to abound within your souls, so that you may be His channel of mercy and grace to others for Him. He so often sits and waits for you within the confines of the prison of His love, the Eucharistic tabernacle, where His love is held captive and bound for you. This prison has become a place of joy and freedom for Him to give you. He sits bound and captive by your attention for Him, because His love for you is so great, that He cannot stray from you, even when your sins caused Him to suffer and die for you.

So give Him your gratitude for Him, my children. Show Him that your mercy for others is in imitation of your love for Him. My children, when you do not forgive one another, you begin to suffer in ways that are not pleasing to God. God wants reparation in the way of suffering, only when the reparation is born out of sacrifice and love for your neighbor, in the way of sacrifice and Eucharistic love for them, in imitation of your Lord and Master.

God chose to suffer and die for your sins, because man had become sinful and could no longer carry the weight of his cross alone. God showed you that the weight of the cross is never too heavy when He helps lighten the load for you.

Love, my children, is what caused God to be able to offer sacrifice and praise to His Father for you. Even in the midst of Christ’s suffering, His love for you and His Father was so great and intensified, that He was able to forgive your sins at the same time.

My children, pray for your love, through Christ your Savior, to intensify for one another. Do not let heavy grievances wound your heart and become a blockage to your freedom within God’s love for you. If you are bound by sins of unforgiveness, take to heart all that Christ has done for you. He suffered by your unforgiveness, because it nailed Him to a cross, thereby causing Him grief and pain.

I love you, my dear children. Learn to forgive others by the cross of your Savior. It is only through this means of reparation within your own soul and others, that Christ can truly make His dwelling place within your bodies, minds, and souls. For in forgiving one another, you are truly showing God your commitment to follow His example of mercy and love.

I am with you, my dear children, now gracing you with the truth of Christ’s love and mercy for all eternity. For by God sending me to you to teach you His message of forgiveness and love, He is truly signaling to you His grace of love and mercy, through Me giving you His words and now working with you to bring you home to His abiding love and joy for all eternity.

I am with you, my beloved children, asking you now to heed God’s words, treasure them in your heart, and be merciful and kind to one another. If you do these things for your God, then God will be so pleased with your endeavors to serve Him and one another, that He will give you His abundant peace and joy for you and your families for all eternity.

I love you, my dear children.
Go in the peace of Christ’s love.

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