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Fast Friday is call to action.  It is a call to up the efforts and sacrifices in the spiritual battle against the evils that “prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls” as we say in the Prayer to Saint Michael.  The Scriptures, Church history, and the lives of the saints are loaded with the call to and benefits of fasting.    If you need more information on that just GOOGLE it, or check out the USCCB pledge and information by clicking here.  Our intent is simply to have  a way to help remind folks to just do it, and not just during Lent!

Fasting can be done in lots of different ways.  Most common is fasting from food, which is actually a very healthy thing to do.  In the strict sense that means no food at all, or maybe just a little bread and water.  BUT, there is a whole lot of room for fasting that not only the most devout can attain.  For example, you may fast from certain foods, like meat, or snacks or desserts, or soft drinks or hard drinks.  You can skip a meal or eat much smaller portions. Think of passing up the meal in order that a meal may fall into the hands of one that is truly starving, that may help you.  The point is to make a sacrifice and to make it with joy, love and devotion to the Lord.

There are other things we may fast from too.  We can fast from bad habits, at least making an effort not to gossip or smoke or hit the snooze on the alarm.  How about fasting from the radio or television or music?  Could a little more quiet time offer you an opportunity for a little more conversation with the Lord?  Could you use that time to plead with Him for the conversion of sinners or the protection of the innocent?  Sure you could.

Let’s make Fast Friday go viral.  Let’s get it out there on our social media pages, in our parish bulletins, on our refrigerators, on billboards and buses.  Let it be on our lips as a gentle reminder to our families and friends to hold back a bit on the oh so many things we have to eat and enjoy,  just one day a week. Let it be a major kick in the pants to those spirits most in need to be cast into hell and kept away from “U.S.” and the whole world.



Dave and Joan Maroney
Divine Mercy for America Campaign Directors



  • Reflection on 4 Reasons for Fasting by Fr. Mike with Ascension Press

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