For nearly a decade now folks like you have partnered with Divine Mercy for America in our efforts to learn, live, and share the Divine Mercy message.

Our mission is and has always been fueled by our members – men and women like you committed to learning, living, and sharing the Divine Mercy, and praying for our country in imitation of St. Faustina.

This partnership in prayer is the backbone of our ministry. And we have some good news to share with you…

Since last year 7,348 men and women have joined us as prayer warriors for our country.

And that number continues to grow!

We’re currently averaging 31 new prayer warriors per day!

Obviously, we’re excited that you’ve chosen to join us in praying for our country. We want to do everything we can to reach more men and women like you, equip them to learn, live, and share the Divine Mercy and join us in praying for our country.

But we need your help.

Up until last year, our primary vehicle for growth was our live events. Then 2020 hit…

The travel bans and restrictions on large gatherings due to the pandemic forced us to focus our efforts on our digital outreach.

As you can see, the response was overwhelming!

Never before have we experienced such explosive growth as adding 7,348 folks to our prayer team.

In order to do all of this and to keep this momentum going, I’m asking for your help.

We need to raise a team of at least 500 monthly donors who are committed to supporting us with a small monthly gift along with their daily prayers.

How much is a “small” monthly gift?

Just $10.

Your monthly gift will be used to help us continue creating and providing affordable resources (including free downloads) to help you live, learn, and share the message of Divine Mercy.

Your gift will also help us continue growing our digital outreach through a stronger social media presence, new engaging content for our website and YouTube channel, digital advertising, and a renewal of our email marketing efforts.

Finally, your monthly gift will help us revamp our live events, keep them free to attend, and even allow us to provide attendees with a family Divine Mercy image, an enthronement kit, and a 5×7 Divine Mercy image for each child.

Will you please prayerfully commit to a monthly donation of just $10 or more to support Divine Mercy for America and help move our mission forward?

Thank you!

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