The Spirituality of Saint Faustina


 The road to union with God

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Sr. M. Elzbieta Siepak, O.L.M. and Sr. M.Nazaria Dlubak. O.L.M.

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 Spirituality of Saint Faustina

Follow St. Faustina’s road to union with God by living her spirituality: come to know and contemplate the mystery of Divine Mercy in everyday life; trust in God; show mercy toward the neighbor; nurture a deep love for the Church, the Eucharist, and devotion to Our Lady of Mercy. The authors skillfully combine theology with real-life situations drawn from St. Faustina’s Diary.


St. Faustina’s Diary…

The Biography of St. Maria Faustina

(August 25, 1905 – October 5, 1938)

An excerpt from Apostle of Divine Mercy, a biography published by the Vatican.

Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, an apostle of Divine Mercy, belongs today to the group of the most popular and well-known saints of the Church.

Through her, the Lord Jesus communicates to the world the great message of God’s mercy and reveals the pattern of Christian perfection based on trust in God and on the attitude of mercy toward one’s neighbors.

Sister Faustina was born on August 25, 1905, in Glogowiec, Poland of a poor and religious family of peasants, the third of 10 children. She was baptized with the name Helena in the parish church of Swinice Warckie. From a very tender age, she stood out because of her love of prayer, work, obedience, and also her sensitivity to the poor. At the age of seven, she had already felt the first stirrings of a religious vocation. Helen made her first Holy Communion at the age of nine, which was a very profound moment in her awareness of the presence of the Divine Guest within her soul. She attended school for three years. After finishing school, she wanted to enter the convent, but her parents would not give her permission. Being of age at 16, Helen left home and went to work as a housekeeper in Aleksandrów, Lodi, and Ostrówek in order to find the means of supporting herself and of helping her parents. The spirituality of Saint Faustina shows wonders to the world.

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