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With the internet deemed as an important means to use for the New Evangelization, below you will see a series of pictures and brief explanation on steps in using Facebook to Like and to Invite Your Friends to Like Divine Mercy for America Facebook Page. 

While some might not have a Facebook Account we recommend that you consider what has become a sure means of “evangelizing,” increasing the amount of people “Praying for Our Country as St. Faustina did for Hers.”

Note: For larger view of the picture, just click-on-it,

STEP 1:  Search for “Divine Mercy For America” in Facebook:

Option A: Type on the web address bar.

Facebook Web address Divine Mercy For America

Option B: Within the Facebook Search box type: Divine Mercy For America

Facebook Search Divine Mercy For America


STEP 2:  Divine Mercy For America  Facebook Page

Facebook Divine Mercy For America homepage


STEP 3:  “LIKE” Divine Mercy For America Page:

  • Look for the “Like” button which is circled in red on the right side of the page in this picture above the “67.”
  • Click on the “Like” button once and you will see it now at “Liked”



STEP 4:  Invite Your Friends to Like Divine Mercy For America:

  • See the friends that like Divine Mercy For America already. In this picture you see “28 Friends Like Divine Mercy For America”
  • To invite your friends, click on the “See All” to see a listing of all your friends that do not already “Like Divine Mercy For America”

Facebook DMFA Start to recommend



  • Click on “Recent Interactions” drop down arrow

Facebook Recent Interactions



  • Check off “Search All Friends” as you see circled in red
  • Click on “Submit” button next to the “Cancel” button

Facebook Search All Friends



  •  Click on ALL your friends whose picture and name are not faded. The non faded friends are the one that either have not yet “Liked” the page or you have not asked them to “Like” the page.
  • Click on “Submit” button next to the “Cancel” button

Facebook Select Your Friends


  • There you have successfully “Invited your Friends to like Divine Mercy For America”
  • GREAT JOB!   Almost Done…

Though the Facebook system will notify your friends of the invite, it’s always good for you to give them a call!  Remember the most powerful means of promoting: Word-of-Mouth!

Facebook Friend Calling a Friend

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